Endless possibilities. Universal results. Introducing A/B testing with PHP Get it for free

Super simple setup

Setting up an A/B test couldn’t be easier. Almost everything is done for you. You can be running multiple tests in only a matter of minutes.

Test anything

Whether you want to test changes to your copy, HTML, CSS, javascript, or test completely different designs, phpA/B offers a way to do it.

Google Analytics integration

phpA/B integrates automatically into your Google Analytics, allowing deeper insight into your tests’ impact on users.

High performance

PHP-based tests run before users even begin loading your web pages. Javascript-based A/B tests cause funny twitches in your UI.

Search bot filtering

Don’t let search engine robots skew your data. phpA/B automatically filters them out of your tests.

Free for all

phpA/B is free for commercial and personal use. You can change the code at GitHub assuming you offer your new code under GPL2.

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